The biodiversity in the Park is safeguarded and during excursions it is possible to see numerous species of animals. Looking up into the sky above the Frasassi Gorge it is not uncommon to see whirling overhead a the Golden Eagle, which has always nested in the cliffs above the River Sentino. Other interesting birds of prey include:the buzzard, the Kestrel, the goshawk, the lanner, the peregrine falcon, the harrier, the eagle-owl and the little owl. The kite has recently been the focus of an important repopulation campaing carried out by tha Park authority. Among the birds to be seen here are: they jay, the robin, the crow, the pheasant and the dipper.

mong the mammals, there has been a return in the last few yares of the Apennine wolf, the fallow deer and the roe deer. At dusk, around the rivers and streams it is possible to meet wild boars, badgers, foxes, squirrels and hares. The rivers are plentiful with trout, barbel, chub and cyprinid as well extremely rare river crab. The torrents and small ditches are the ideal habitat for fresh water prawns, large numbers of newts and the spectacled salamander (salamandrina terdigitata). The caves are visited by dozens of species of bats, as well as the speleomantes italicus- an urodela amphibian simila to a salamander- and by the niphargus, a small crustacean that is totally without pigmentation and lives in the underground lakes.

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