Ancona is the chief town of the region. Its origin gets back in prehistory. In the early 4th century B.C. it was colonised by Doric Syracuseans, in the time of Dionigi V. After the battle of Sentino(286 B.C.) it became a colony of veterans . The life of Ancona tied up to its seaport. In 839 was destroyed by the Saracens. Slowly recovered from the ruins, in the late 9th century it became free Commune, developing trades with the towns of the opposite shore, particularly with Constantinople and other Byzantine centres. In 1348 was conquered by Malatestas , then passed under the Pontifical State

In 1732 Clemente VII ordered to occupy the town militarily, ending then the Maritime Republic of Ancona. In 1732 Clemente VII granted it the status of Free Port and entrusted Vanvitelli of building a grandiose Lazaret and the widening of the docks. During the Risorgimento it was the centre of all the patriotic movements of Marche. Worth visiting: Saint Mary of Portonuovo, Tower of Portonovo.

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