Through Frasassi and province road of Collegiani , 13 km far, you reach Fabriano. The centre was first built in the year 409 after the barbaric invasion had destroyed the roman installations of Attidum and Tuficum. In 1160 became free commune. Its notoriousness is due to the production of paper (13th century) and its processes of transformation, such as watermark. Painter Gentile was born in Fabriano in 14th century. In the second half of 17th century the Family of Chiavelli transformed the free commune in Seigniory . In 15th century Pope Eugenio IV held it in the Vatican State.

In 1849 was part of Roman Republic and in 1860 annexed to the Kingdom of Italy. It hosts the Museum of Paper and Filigree in the ex-monastery of Saint Domenico. The exposition shows 700 years of history. Worth visiting: Town Council Art Gallery, Museum of Paper and Filigree, monuments and works of art.

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